Kickstarter Rule Change: What It Means for Makers

While the maker community has been focused on the MakerBot news and ensuing discussion on open source hardware, Kickstarter not so quietly changed its rules in a way that significantly affects how makers can use the platform.

The pressure had been mounting on Kickstarter for months, if not longer.

The past few weeks in particular saw a string of unflattering news about Kickstarter projects. Bloomberg ran a series of stories on some of public delays and challenges. A University of Pennsylvania Assistant Professor released a paper revealing that 75% of product-related projects experience a delay.  The Wall Steet Journal wrote a “Best and Worst of Kickstarter” list, pointing out that “much of Kickstarter can be shrill and desperate modern-day panhandling by entitled go-getters.”

Even The New York Times ran a piece on the pressure a successful Kickstarter project puts on entrepreneurs.

Kickstarter is a brilliant concept, but they are going to undergo growing pains as they gain popularity and the inevitable dickhead crooks and spammers screw up things in their attempt to make quick cash. I may be using Kickstarter in the future so I hope they stay around for a long time.

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