The Amber Wizard

There is a deep history in the Osserian Saga, from the opening of the prologue to the richness of his wizards. David Forbes has created a rich world that would do well under further exploration … Forbes tears down a number of the clich├ęs of the genre and reveals hidden truths behind what seem to be typical elements of an Epic Fantasy story.


The worldbuilding is superior to that of a majority of fantasy series out there. And the funny thing is that Forbes only offers us a glimpse of his universe. Yet there are numerous hints which indicate that there is definitely more depth to Osseria than what we discover within the pages of The Amber Wizard. The author possesses a fine eye for details, which is another feather in his cap. And during the Sundering and Dian’s Stair scenes, the imagery is akin to that of Stephen R. Donaldson’s classic Covenant books.

– Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist

amber wizard small

The Amber Wizard is the story of Gerin Atreyano, the crown prince of the kingdom of Khedesh. He is young and brash, and excels at most things he sets his mind to. He has a younger brother and two sisters with many talents of their own.

Gerin finds he has the potential to become an amber wizard, the likes of which have not been seen in nearly two thousand years. It is the most powerful kind of wizard, able to work spells far beyond the abilities of others.

Even before his training beghins he is beset with perils. A sorcerer from a rival nation places a spell on Gerin for some dark, unknown purpose. As he comes closer to realizing his potential, a door to the world of the dead opens unexpectedly, unleashing the spirit of a long-dead king bent on revenge for an ancient crime long lost from history.

Gerin and his family must race to find a means to defeat the Storm King as armies marshal on their borders. Their struggle will force them to make an unspeakable sacrifice if they hope to save Osseria from destruction.